James Payton

James Payton, Lead Actor

James has been a professional actor for over 13 years and is best know for his appearances in ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ as Frank Longbottom and as “Adolph Hitler” in the recent box office hit, ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.
James previously worked with Domonic on several low budget projects and was the star of Domonic and Matt’s short film, ‘Round the Corner’. He was thrilled to be asked to appear in their new movie for Movember, ‘Dad Dancing’.
James is very much looking forward to the shoot and is preparing for his role by travelling the world and intensely studying world dance, for that authentic dad dancing technique.
James is delighted to support ‘Dad Dancing’ and the wonderful work done by ‘The Prostate Cancer Charity’.

James’ showreel is available on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LSSShY8oUs

Emma Samms

Emma Samms

Emma Samms, Lead Actress

Emma Samms made her name as glamorous Fallon in the 80s iconic soap Dynasty. Since then she has worked tirelessly co-founding the children’s charity Starlight, which brightens the lives of hundreds of thousands of sick children throughout the UK, the USA and Australia. This devotion to charitable work led her to get involved in the Dad Dancing project where she kindly donated her time to join the cast and add extra glitz and glamour to our spectacular wedding scene. This Christmas, Emma is bringing broad smiles to adults and children alike when she appears as the Good Fairy in the Everyman Theatre production of Jack and the Beanstalk in Cheltenham.

Centre Stage Performing Arts Academy

Centre Stage, Irish Dancers

We are the Centre Stage Irish dance troupe made up of 30 girls all under the age of 16. We have three classes based on age in which the students help to choreograph and participate in both soft and heavy shoe Irish dances. Everyone is very committed and enthusiastic, which is great for them and the audience to see them get such joy from it.
The Film will be great publicity for the school which will hopefully open up opportunities both now and in the future, whether for performances or jobs. All the girls love the shows that we do so working on the film set will be a great experience and will undoubtedly enjoyed thoroughly.
The film will also be a great moment for the girls to keep and be proud of, especially as it is for charity!

Soraya Belly Dancers

Soraya Bonilla, Jill Alder and Hatty Davis, Belly Dancers

Soraya is an experienced belly dancer, instructor and performer. She offers local classes in Stroud, Cirencester, Cheltenham and Gloucester using her proven technique so that everyone at all levels can learn the beauty of belly dance. Soraya also offers private performances, utilising her 10 years of experience performing for a wide range of audiences, from small groups of a dozen people to large events with over a hundred guests. Visit Soraya’s website for further information about belly dancing.

Tiarna Crowther

Tiarna Crowther, Dancer and Wedding Extra
I love dancing and singing, other hobbies include MMA, football and swimming. I love my pets and family and enjoy interacting with other people. I attend Street Dance at Centre Stage Performing Arts Academy and I am also in their production of A Christmas Carol on December 3rd at The Cotswold Playhouse which I am really looking forward to.

Eliza Duncan

Eliza Duncan, Dancer and Wedding Extra
Known as Eli, I attend Street Dance classes with Centre Stage and I am in the team called Dyn@mix. I played Grace in Annie the Musical and love singing and Dancing. I am really looking forward to being in this film and hope it raises lots of money and awareness of Prostate Cancer.

Jake Gibbard

Jake Gibbard, Wedding Extra

Jake is 11 years old, obsessed with cinema, writes film reviews and makes his own YouTube videos. This is his first experience appearing on a real film set and he is very excited to be a part of the project, especially as it is all in aide of charity.

Vicki Shadbolt

Vicki Shadbolt, 80s scene, Guest at Wedding and Irish Dancer

I am 15 years old, and have been doing Irish dancing with Centre Stage for 5 years. I fell in love with Irish dancing when my friend Emily (South – also in the film) took me along to one of the classes, I caught the jigging bug and haven’t stopped tapping my feet since! I also do ballet , and am playing the Ghost of Christmas Past in Centre Stage’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. We’ve had so many laughs in classes over the years, it’s amazing to think we ever get anything done! But to have the opportunity to dance and act with such a great bunch of inspirational, focused and committed people makes me proud to be part of Centre Stage. I get such an indescribable buzz from dancing and acting, there’s nothing else like it! Filming has been a great experience and I for one, would certainly love to do it a hundred times over!

Irish Dancers

Rosie Tudge

Rosie Tudge, Dancer and 80s Extra

Rosie has been a regular at the Centre Stage Performing Arts Academy for around 6 years. She is a performer in the academy’s annual Christmas carol production and is an accomplished Irish dancer and also enjoys Street dance. She will get to show off both her dancing and acting abilities on the set of Dad Dancing:The Movie where she will appear in both the wedding and 80s flashback scenes.

John Wimperis

John Wimperis

John Wimperis, Extra

I am 14. I have never been in an actual film before but I would like to be as I am really into acting and would like to take drama at GCSE. I enjoy working in school productions and I played the part of Daddy Walbucks in the Centre Stage production of Annie. I am also interested in photography, comedy, history and listening to music.

1970s Scene

1970s Scene, Murdo Matthews

1980s Scene

1980s Scene

Laura Oakley, Rosie Tudge, Vicki Shadbolt, Gabrielle Martin-Goff, Lauren Baulch, Nicole Hicks, Chloe Wools, Amber Ruther, John Wimperis

1990s Scene

1990s Scene

Jordan Allen, Ruby Kester

Ballet Dancers

Ballet Dancers

Anya Wood, Hayley Sheppard



Eve Brassington, Amelia Jones, Mya Casey, Eva Casey, Olivia Proto


Clown, Paul Bradley

Irish Dancers

Irish Dancers

Laura Oakley, Rosie Tudge, Vicki Shadbolt, Sophie Crane, Hannah Tudge, Emily South, Molly Sedgwick-Taylor, Eliza Rodgers, Nell Veneables, Megan Wilkins, Emily Jenkins, Maisie Godfrey, Holly Nesbit, Sophie Nesbit, Alice Harbin, Holly Bareham, Olivia Nairn, Hannah Johnson, Amy Sverdloff, Hannah Sverdloff

Choreographed Karate

Choreographed Karate

Issac Perrett, Matthew James

Reaction Extras

Reaction Extras

Amber Ruther, Ellen Hutchens, Laura Oakley, Rosie Tudge, Vicki Shadbolt, Viola Lloyd

Wedding Extras

Wedding Extras

Georgina Hopkins, Caitlin Jones, Bryony Clements, Harley Thompson, Hayden Lusty




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