Domonic White

Domonic White, Director/Producer

Domonic wrote ‘Dad Dancing’ approximately 2 years ago but due to the arrival of his new son, and a very busy day job, it’s only now that he’s found the time to go head and turn it into a reality.

Domonic is producing and directing the film, and is very happy to be collaborating again with other members of the creative consortium ‘Suscito’ which Domonic started in 2005.

Domonic is also proud to be working with many new colleagues who have volunteered from the Stroud community and surrounding areas.

Domonic participated in ‘Movember 2010’ and this inspired him to use ‘Dad Dancing’ as a way to raise even more money for ‘The Prostate Cancer Charity’ during this years ‘Movember’.


Matt Bigwood

Matt Bigwood, Director of Photography

Matt has worked with Director/Producer Domonic White since 2002 after a chance meeting when they were both freelancing on a local newspaper. Matt began his career as a press photographer, and for the last decade has been a freelance photographer and cameraman.

Matt will be responsible for the aesthetic and technical decisions involved in shooting Dad Dancing.

Helen Dean

Helen Dean

Helen Dean, Choreographer

Helen trained as a dancer/choreographer after leaving school. She was contacted in the summer by Domonic, an old school friend, and asked to join the project as choreographer.
This is the first time she has choreographed for film and is enjoying learning about the filming process.

Helen has been working closely with Domonic to create dances which take us through the main character’s life. The dances recreate the look and the feel the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and end with a spectacular grand finale. Since joining the project she has spent many hours watching old episodes of Top of the Pops and has been revisiting dance moves from her past, mainly in her kitchen.

Boogie Nights...

Alecx Cutter

Alecx Cutter – Composer

Alecx is a musician and composer based in Cheltenham and is thrilled to have been asked to be involved in the project.
Alecx runs a local studio and composing business, Arpeggio Creative, his recent work includes producing radio plays and comedy podcasts, writing original music for his band, Carmen, and producing local artists albums and EPs. He also wrote the score for the short film ‘The Ministry’.
Alecx doesn’t have a moustache, but does have designer stubble.

Ally Rennie (right)

Ally Rennie, 1st Assistant Director

I would love to say I have done this before, but this is a ‘suck and see’ experience for me. I have known Domonic for about 4 years now, after we worked together, and have always volunteered to get involved with his projects. Dad Dancing gives me my first chance to get really involved with film. I will be assisting Domonic on the shoots, whilst trying hard to organise the bits and pieces, and believe me there are a lot of them, that go into this project. My day on the shoot will be mainly running, shouting and holding Oliver’s hand whilst Amanda does the good stuff…


Amanda White (and Oliver)

Amanda and Oliver White, Production Assistants

Oliver and I come as a pair, where I go he pretty much follows and we love to support Papa (Domonic) with his film making projects and especially on Dad Dancing as it is raising money for such a great charity. On this project, our time has been spent as Production Assistants, which means doing anything we can to help in between dog walks, toddlers and swimming, and of course feeding the crew at production meetings. On shoot days we will also be acting as runners, which gives us lots of opportunity to see all the things that go on.


Simon Gardiner

Simon Gardiner, Communications, PR and Fundraising

Simon has known Domonic since he was 5 years old when they both fought over the tonka toys at Infants school. Since then they have remained good friends and Simon has taken numerous roles behind the camera, ranging from taxi driver, clapper board operator to odd job man.

Dad Dancing strikes a real chord with Simon as he is both a Dad and he cant dance so he feels real affinity with the theme. Simon has put his day job to good use for Dad Dancing by helping Domonic and the rest of the crew in raising awareness of the film.

Steve Gibbard

Steve Gibbard, Web Content

Over the past ten years Steve has worked for, with, and instead of Domonic on numerous, almost interesting, telecom software projects. During that time, to liven things up, he gets involved with as many of Domonic’s worthwhile causes as he can. On Dad Dancing he is very happy to apply his finely honed cut-n-paste skills on producing the website and writing some accompanying text to help raise awareness of the film.


2 thoughts on “Crew

  1. I really liked your video and hope you are happy that we will embed it in our new Stroud Community TV website – I am in the process of putting together this project with a team of local people – we are launching the website in March 2012 – the website is currently being built but already has some info on it. We hope to have a proper launch later in the year when we have collected more films and film-makers.

    Basically Stroud Community TV is a not for profit independent online channel for videos recording and celebrating the Five Valleys. We are after YouTube or Vimeo videos about Stroud or by Stroud people that can be linked to their website. We hope it will be a place to publicise and promote Stroud to local people and visitors, to support our local economy, to create a space for voices who are less often heard, to inspire audiences into actions and to develop the already amazing media skills and creative talent in Stroud. We hope to also support and encourage specific projects to help develop video-making skills. So whether it is an interest in skateboarding, music, our beautiful countryside, a delve into history, a story or a local community project we would welcome people getting in touch.

    Indeed we would still love more help and support to make this project a community project that touches all parts of the Five Valleys. Please get in touch from our website if you know of any other videos with a connection to Stroud or would like to get involved.

    Philip Booth

    Posted by Cllr Philip Booth, Stroud District councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe | February 10, 2012, 11:57 pm


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