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Special Thanks Go To…

Dad Dancing has received so much support. From friends who have donated to the Movember fund, through to individuals who donated time at the filming, we have been continually surprised at the goodwill that has surrounded the project. Special mention must go to the local companies and community who donated services to help make Dad Dancing happen. In no particular order amongst all of the goodwill were…

The Great Tythe Barn - Tetbury

The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury was the location for the final shoot for Dad Dancing The Movie. It was a superb location, the wonderful historic venue and fantastic grounds were the perfect backdrop for the wedding scene. Huge thanks go to the management who provided the barn in support of the film and The Prostate Charity.

J and M Entertainment

J and M Entertainment were fantastically supportive, providing not only a fully functioning disco and studio lighting, but the owners were also kind and patient enough to man the sound decks for nigh on 12 hours for the final shoot on Sunday the 6th of November. The Dad Dancing team can’t thank you enough guys!

Claire Jayne Event Production

Claire Jayne Event Management Kindly donated atmospheric wedding lighting which really set the scene perfectly. Not only were they kind enough to donate the lighting but they arrived early in the week and erected the canopy of lights so that everything was raring to go for the shoot on Sunday the 6th.

Centre Stage Performing Arts Academy

Centre Stage Performing Arts Academy helped provide the life and soul of the production with buckets of enthusiasm and kids! Many of the extras were from the academy and it was great to have Tasha and co on board.

Arpeggio Creative

Alecx Cutter

Alecx Cutter from Arpeggio Creative studio in Cheltenham provided the soundtrack for the entire film. The music plays a huge part in Dad Dancing:The Movie so we are especially thankful and lucky to have such a talented and creative composer donate his time.

Minchinhampton School

Mr Osbourne from Minchinhampton School deserves special mention for the support and time he gave to the Dad Dancing project, providing props and meeting venues. The school was well represented by some of the children who starred as extras in the film.

Stroud District Council

Stroud District Council kindly granted permission for filming at Stratford Park in Stroud.

Cam Parish Council

Cam Parish Council kindly granted permission for filming at the Cam Skatepark.

APCOA parking services who kindly granted permission for filming at the Stroud train station car park.

Citreon Thompson First Stroud

Citreon: Thompson First Stroud

The guys at Thompson First Citreon garage in Stroud, who were kind enough to loan two of their vehicles for the shoot.

Susie Hetherington

Susie Hetherington

Susie Hetherington provided the design for the Dad Dancing premier screening tickets, the sale of which have made a lot of money for charity. Thanks Susie!

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